2016 Sunnyvale Measure M

The Sunnyvale Public Lands Act

Public Lands At Risk

Examples of Local Public Lands at Risk

Evergreen Valley College open expanse – Nov 2016

The San Jose Planning Commission has voted in favor of amending the General Plan to convert 27 acres of Evergreen Valley College’s open land, now planned as Public/Quasi Public, to Neighborhood Community Commercial land.

San Jose Almaden Lake Hill – June 2016

The City of San Jose is reviewing plan GP16-003 to allow building private homes in 2.28 acres on top of Almaden Lake Hill. Currently the hill is classified as Open Space, Parkland and Habitat (OSPH) but GP16-003 will change it to Residential Neighborhood (RN). If approved, would cause damage to the environment and wildlife habitat, reduction of trees, risk of landslides and damage to the unique beauty of the almaden lake area.

Santa Clara Golf Course and Dirtbike Track – June 2016

Santa Clara’s city council late Tuesday unanimously approved the largest private development project in Silicon Valley’s history, despite deep concerns from San Jose over a growing jobs-housing imbalance and continued questions from regulators about building on top of a former landfill.

The green light gives the Related Companies the OK to build a $6.5 billion mixed-use center and office campuses just north of Levi’s Stadium, on land now occupied by a city golf course and dirt-bike track.

Raynor Park and Raynor Activity Center – March 2016

Sunnyvale City Council overrides the Planning Commission and ignores signatures from 1,000 citizens and approves 4-3 the use permit and environmental review for private Stratford School at Raynor, allowing sale of public land – including giving away 5,000 square foot of public parkland – and with priority use agreement of the field area of a public park – in a deal to a private business.

Santa Clara Youth Soccer Park (again) – January 2016

Santa Clara enters into a use agreement with the NFL to use the Youth Soccer Park and the City failed to provide alternate fields for 1,500 soccer kids to play an estimated 200 games.

2-acres of Sunnyvale Civic Center – December 2015

The Sunnyvale City Council considers Land Use Alternatives and Financing Options for the Civic Center Modernization Project, including sale or lease of a 2-acre corner of Civic Center land in the Prototype F option to help finance the project. The land sale or lease was eventually dropped from Prototype F, but it has not reduced the risk of Civic Center public land loss in the future.

San Jose City Golf Course – October 2015

The San Jose City Council is considering selling one or more of their golf courses for housing, retail or other development.

Santa Clara Youth Soccer Park – April 2015

The San Francisco 49ers offered more than $15 million to acquire a City of Santa Clara Youth Soccer Park to park cars on (for VIP parking) next to Levi’s Stadium.

Raynor Activity Center – November 2013

The Sunnyvale City Council voted to sell the city-owned Raynor Activity Center to a private school in order to finance a branch library at Lakewood Village. Usage rights to the adjoining Raynor Park during and after school hours were gifted to the private school in the form of a preferential joint-use agreement.

24 acres at Sunnyvale Civic Center – July 2012

The Sunnyvale City Council gave direction to the staff to explore a public/private partnership for the 24 acres at the Civic Center. It included the possible lease or sale of a large portion (up to 14 acres) of city-owned land at the Civic Center.

Sunnyvale’s Murphy Park – 2009

Three parcels of city-owned land adjacent to Sunnyvale’s Murphy Park which were meant (along with other parcels not yet acquired) for park expansion were authorized for sale by Sunnyvale City Council decision. The land parcels were sold in 2012 after a City Council approval.

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