2016 Sunnyvale Measure M

The Sunnyvale Public Lands Act


The Yes on M, Sunnyvale Public Lands Act Committee is a grassroots organization of Sunnyvale residents from over 20 Sunnyvale neighborhoods across the city. We are dedicated to protecting Sunnyvale’s public parks and community service amenities from being used to facilitate private development or to provide a source of funding for capital improvements through any sale, lease, swap or transfer of public parks or community service amenities without voter approval.

We have no investors, lobby groups or Political Action Committees (PACs) backing us.
We are truly a grassroots organization.

Yes on M, Sunnyvale Public Lands Act is a registered campaign committee under the California Fair Political Practices Commission, FPPC #1374935

Contact Information

Media Inquiries
408-909-7866 (SUNN)

All Other Inquiries
Email: SunnyvalePublicLandsAct@gmail.com

Measure M Steering Team

Andy Frazer
Tim Dietrich
Deborah Marks
Demetrios Triantafyllou
Paul Brunemeier
Bill Callahan
Steve Scandalis

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