2016 Sunnyvale Measure M

The Sunnyvale Public Lands Act

Yes on M Election

Sunnyvale, CA – November 9, 2016

To the residents of Sunnyvale:

Over two and a half years in the making (and even longer for some) the citizens of Sunnyvale have proved those wrong who said it couldn’t be done – to qualify a Sunnyvale citizen initiative for the ballot and run a campaign on the commitment of volunteer labor and funding. We thank the nearly 200 volunteers from 35+ neighborhoods of Sunnyvale for their hard fought campaign to raise voter awareness of the critical need to protect Sunnyvale’s public parks and community amenity lands from conversion to private use without voter approval. It has been a true pleasure to get to know you better and to work hard alongside you every step of the way.

The Yes on M team has opened the eyes of half the voters of Sunnyvale to the corrupting influence of big money interests on the public land decisions of the Sunnyvale City Council.

The election results will not change the urgent need for Sunnyvale to reform and reject these influences on our council and city government. Through your generosity, Yes on M raised about $25,000 in funding over two years across the petition drive and election campaign. Compare this with 98% of the jaw-dropping over $176,000 in opposition funding which came from three sitting council members ($36,000), another $30,000 from three PACs and nearly $109,000 from a single out of town Super-PAC, The National Association of Realtors, for their negative and deceptive campaigns.

None of the claimed opposition groups contacted Yes on M before adopting their positions. Even our several attempts to contact the Mercury News were ignored. Are these extreme examples of Cronyism?

They needed all of THAT in their efforts to turn back your initiative.

Sunnyvale is better than this. We all care about the future of Sunnyvale, our public lands and our lifestyle. Sunnyvale residents are urged to remain engaged, passionate and vigilant as the city moves forward and as we continue to work together to protect our public parks and community amenity lands and for a better Sunnyvale.

Yes on M, Sunnyvale Public Lands Act

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Yes on M, Sunnyvale Public Lands Act
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