2016 Sunnyvale Measure M

The Sunnyvale Public Lands Act

Chicago super-PAC funds opposition to Measure M

Other than rampant crime, what is the worst thing that could happen to Sunnyvale?

For most people, it’s urbanization—when a friendly village loses its warm sense of community and turns into an urban jungle with concrete canyons…and very little open space and recreation area. No open space for children to grow up in.

This is why the super-PAC that is paying for “No on M” fliers and phone banking should scare the pants off Sunnyvale residents: it’s the Nation Association of Realtors, a rich, Chicago-based org that spends millions of dollars each year to slant local elections and bias elected officials. These guys are not investing in your quality of life. They are investing in lots of new real estate for their members to sell!


El Camino at Mathilda–as it is today 2015 Council Proposal–artist’s conception.

Please understand that special interest money has been controlling the City Council majority vote for many years—

  • 2009 authorization to sell land set aside for Murphy Park to a private interest.
  • 2012 conclusion to Murphy land sale.
  • 2012 order to study sale or long-term lease of nearly 60% of the Civic Center land.
  • 2013 authorization to sell land at Raynor Activity Center.
  • 2015 consideration of sale of part of the Civic Center land (pictured above).
  • 2016 finalization of the sale of Raynor AC and adjoining park land to a private interest.

The question you need to ask yourself is this—
Should it take 4 votes or 40,000 votes to dispose of public park land and green space?

If you would prefer not to place all your trust in 4 special-interest-funded votes on the City Council, you need to vote Yes on Measure M.

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