2016 Sunnyvale Measure M

The Sunnyvale Public Lands Act

Only 4 votes away from the next sale of public land!

Here’s a provocative question: If you were a property developer or other special interest and you wanted to make money on new developments in a place where all the land was taken, what would you do?

In the Santa Clara Valley, the answer is “Buy public land.” And how to do that?

Start by buying votes on city councils that have sole authority to sell parks, buildings, and community service amenities. Yes, you are only 4 votes away from buying that new property that you want!

Here’s a graphic example of how it works:

Special Interest Money

* www.specialinterestwatch.org. Special interest money is all that benefited the candidate’s run for office, less that from individuals not representing a business or special interest.
**in 2016, Seats 1, 2, 3, and 7 approved the EIR and use permit, and Seat 5 opposed. Earlier, in 2013, Seats 1 and 2 approved the Raynor sale while on the Planning Commission, and Seats 3 and 7 approved it while on the Council.

What we see in the table above is four Sunnyvale Council seats who have taken substantial special interest money, and one who has taken none. The four voted to finish the business of selling the Raynor Activity Center and adjacent park land to a private enterprise, and the one who took no special interest money opposed it.

WE THE PEOPLE of Sunnyvale, who want this to never happen again, placed Measure M on the ballot to require a public vote prior to disposing of public land. Just to make the pattern a little clearer: not only do the special-interest councilmembers oppose Measure M, but they are the #1, 2, and 3 biggest donors to the “No on M” campaign! No grassroots visible anywhere on the “NO” side of the fence….

We hope the picture is very clear for everyone now: the special-interest members want to keep control of disposal of public lands to benefit themselves and their donors.

We also hope that you see that Yes on M is a truly grassroots uprising against a rogue council, and it faces a heavily funded, powerful, and entrenched special-interest opposition. Measure M is the only way to ensure that your public lands, such as the Civic Center, will not be sold, leased, or traded away to special interests.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE help us. Donate to M today, even if you can only afford a little.

Getting the truth out to the residents of Sunnyvale is very expensive, especially against well-funded opposition.

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