2016 Sunnyvale Measure M

The Sunnyvale Public Lands Act

It’s already happening: Sunnyvale is preparing to sell more city land

We need to let you know some sobering news.  During a meeting of the Sunnyvale City Council on May 17, the council voted to direct city staff to prepare a resolution to “surplus” a number of pieces of City­-owned property (that is, they are surplussing YOUR property to prepare it for sale.)  See the city staff recommendations and summary.  Here’s an excerpt:

The San Jose Mercury News article Sunnyvale looking at ways to fund civic center project by Victoria Kezra identifies the block of four council members that voted for this,­­ and interestingly, they are the same four who voted for the sale of property associated with Raynor Park last March despite vigorous public outcry during the meeting. The article contains a disconcerting statement from one council member: “This is just the very first step in a process. It’s not committing to actually surplussing them. I think we should start that process now….”

We encourage you not just to listen to your council members’ words but to closely monitor their votes as well.  The pressure to sell public lands is very intense.

If you are a concerned Sunnyvale resident, click here to learn more about this critical initiative.  Get to know us and find out what you can do to save Sunnyvale’s public lands.

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