2016 Sunnyvale Measure M

The Sunnyvale Public Lands Act

City Council Overrides Planning Commission; Confirms Raynor Sale

We were hoping it wouldn’t happen, but it did!  On March 15th the Sunnyvale City Council voted 4-3 to overturn the Planning Commission and issue a final approval for the use permit, priority use agreement of a public park, and sale of the Raynor Activity Center.

In order to confirm the sale and priority use agreement, the City Council ignored:

The City council has just proved once and for all that now, more than ever, we need a new tool that demands the voices of the public be heard by our officials.  It’s time to speak louder! 

The Sunnyvale Public Lands Act (SPLA) will help ensure that Sunnyvale’s public lands are not used to facilitate private development or provide a source of funding for capital improvements through any sale, lease, trade, land-swap, or other transfer of community service amenities or public parks without very carefully considered community discussion and the backing of direct voter approval. Community Service Amenities; i.e. public land used for city administration, recreation, education, exercise or enjoyment.

Add your voice.  Support the Sunnyvale Public Lands Act by volunteering, donating, and voting ‘YES’ this November.

Don’t let the council persuade you that this was a “one-time” issue.  It’s happening all around us, and will continue to happen in Sunnyvale as well:

Yes on Sunnyvale Public Lands for Public Use Act  


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